Tips on Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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What is worse than filing for bankruptcy? Hiring the wrong attorney to help you through the process is worse. Filing for bankruptcy is a serious thing. Moreover, it can be overwhelming, and one mishap could cost you dearly. That is why you need the best representation there is.

It would be best if you had someone who is experienced. Not all lawyers are good at bankruptcy cases, so you need one who has more experience in the same. Also, it would help if you had someone who is qualified according to state laws. 

For this and more reasons, you will need to do some research before hiring a lawyer. Consider the following tips on hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. 

  1. Spend a day in bankruptcy court– going to bankruptcy hearings and watching what happens may give you a basic idea of what type of lawyer you want to represent you. Moreover, you will find out which lawyers specialize in this form of law and may even get their contacts.
  2. Do not postpone– hiring an attorney seems too soon, right? Perhaps it is, but it is not too early to start looking. Waiting till the last moment will not give your attorney enough time to prepare for your case. 
  3. Go online and read reviews– the quickest way to find a lawyer is to use a search engine and find one in your area. However, do not just pick the first person that pops up. Go to their website or personal profile to check out their reviews and ratings. 
  4. Ask the experts– if you already have a personal attorney, it is an excellent place to start. You can also ask your business associates if they know of any good bankruptcy lawyers. Understand that bankruptcy law is a speciality, and you need to ensure that you vet each recommendation before you hire. 
  5. Do not be cheap– bankruptcy should not be expensive, but it should not be overly cheap either. Depending on the chapter you are planning to file, be willing to spend a little more on your lawyer. Investing in a good lawyer is an element of a successful filing. Good lawyers typically charge more, but it is always worth it. Always remember that you get what you pay for; never go cheap. 
  6. Ask questions and evaluate responses– once you have gotten a few candidates, set up a meeting with each and ask them a few questions while monitoring their responses. Start by asking about their qualifications and experience with bankruptcy. These questions are critical, so be sure to get detailed answers. Ask about how busy they are, how much access they will give you during your filing. Be sure to understand if you will be working with them or someone else. Finally, ask about the timeframe, and the procedure of the work. People who will give you evasive answers are most likely not in a situation to properly handle your case. Avoid these. 

The Take-Away

You want someone who will listen and understand your needs. You require a lawyer who will let you stay involved in the process and give you details on every turn. You want someone professional and qualified. 

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