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It can be challenging trying to design and furnish your apartment enough to give you some bragging rights among your friends. You may want an appearance that would get visitors asking you for interior décor advice; or peace of mind that coming home to a beautiful house brings, as the expert counsellors at Eckert Psychology and Education Centre recommend. Don’t get discouraged just yet. If you do this right, you’ll be glad that you never gave up on the quest.

We know that it can be easy to get lazy about such a mission and procrastinate till a later date. To provide encourage and to make the achievement of your goal faster, we’ve provided some magic tricks—OK, just kidding—clever tricks to get things done faster. You would have that apartment looking elegant in no time.

Make Good Use of Mirrors

Ever thought about maximizing mirrors? Well, you can make that idea work for your home. Wide mirrors can be placed on walls as simple decorations for the living room or bedroom. Moreover, they can make rooms look larger than they really are. You can even cover the entire length and breadth of a wall with a very wide mirror. This could work well for bedrooms.

These home accessories need to be put into good use by placing them at areas where they’ll be able to deflect light rays (sunlight and artificial light) around the room effectively. This will lighten and brighten any room. Place a mirror behind a bedside lamp or opposite a wide window for this purpose.

Choose the Right Color Palette

The colors of your home need to flow well from room to room. Lighter tones provide a better ambiance, and make any space wider than it really is—by bouncing off light effectively. Try using contrasting colors like black and white or introducing bolder hues to combine with a room’s bright colors.

Change the Lighting of some Areas

Lighting does a lot of work in making a place look stylish. In fact, the first two tips discuss lighting in various ways. There should be a replacement of old bulbs and/or light fixtures—preferably with LED light products which offer a number of advantages. Chandeliers and sconces can be introduced to the setting if they’re pocket-friendly.

Make Vertical Spaces Work for You

If your rooms are high, good for you! You can move forward with this idea. Try curtains that go from the ceilings down to the floor. Tapestry can also be introduced in this case. Fashionable wall-mounted shelves could be introduced at suitable areas of the house, especially the kitchen. This will leave you with more room to exercise your creativity in interior décor.

Your apartment may not be on the big side. It may not be luxurious either. Not to worry, you can still get it to look chic. As is evident in the above list, there are easy ways to do so. Not only are they some of the best tips you can use, they’re also affordable. Hope we got you inspired. Now go go go!…