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There might be several sources of heat that affect you and your house. If you work at places like smelters, glass factories, or restaurant kitchens, you are likely to stay in a heated environment for a long time. In such cases, the heat directly affects your body.

If you live at paces where the weather is too hot, the heat may affect your house along with you. Though an air conditioning unit creates a comfortable surrounding for us, you may not be aware of the effect of heat on our living. Let us have a look at how the heat impacts you and your house.

Effect Of Heat On Your Body

The temperature at which most people feel comfortable is 20-27 degrees Celsius. Being in temperature more than this range, makes you feel uncomfortable. If there is too much temperature rise, it may lead to critical health conditions.

The process through which the human body gains heat is called radiation. When the surrounding temperature is the same as the body temperature, that is around 35 degrees Celsius, there is no change in the body heat.

When your body is subjected to high temperatures, it tends to lose body heat through sweating. The evaporation of sweat produces a cooling effect in the body. When the temperature rises above the comfort level, it can cause health problems and cause a feeling of uneasiness. You will not be able to concentrate fully to perform mental tasks. It may also make you feel irritated and affect your efficiency to perform skilled tasks.

How Heat Impacts Your Home

High temperature may harm your health, but if you live in a house where the temperature isn’t properly regulated, it will affect the structure of your house as well. Your belongings, furniture gadgets, etc. may get affected. If subjected to constant high temperatures, too much heat can damage the exterior of your place. There could be cracks in the wall, chipping off small pieces, and flaking of paints. Due to such small cracks and gaps, moisture can get into your house and damage it further.

Extreme heat also affects the wooden structures and furniture of your home. Due to immense heat, the wood gets discolored, and the polish may get damaged. Hence, to protect the woodwork at your home from heat, you should paint your furniture with a protective coating.

Along with the roof, heat also impacts the foundation of your home. 

If the ground around your house heats up, the soil will release moisture and will shrink. It causes the earth and foundation to separate, causing significant damage to the house. Therefore it is essential to keep the soil moist with the help of sprinklers.

You shouldn’t underestimate the impact of heat on you and your house. It is not only harmful to your health but also makes your house prone to damage and wear. Moreover, your family, pets, and all your belongings are inside your house. So it’s essential to ensure that a proper and comfortable temperature is maintained inside.…