Month: February 2021

minimalist home
February 24, 2021 admin 0 Comments

How many times have you tried to keep your home clean and tidy but failed every time?

A systematic and squeaky clean home makes you feel good and attracts positivity. But it doesn’t even take a day for your house to get dirty again. Whether it is the dust or a pile of mail, even small things at different places can make your home look disorderly.

Cleaning your house could be a trouble, especially if you go to work or have a kid at home. Waiting for the weekend to clean the entire house isn’t a good idea because there would be too much to declutter. Hence here are a few organizing tips to keep your home tidy.

  1. Make your bed. The first thing that you should do after waking up is making your bed. By doing this, you will get motivated to keep your surroundings tidy and won’t go back to sleep again. Ensure that you make your bed every day as soon as you start your day.
  1. Declutter one thing at a time. Having a decluttering marathon might be very tiring. Hence, choose one area at a time and clean it on a day. Suppose you decide to declutter your desk every Saturday and bathroom rack every Sunday. Assigning tasks to a day makes the whole cleaning process less troublesome.
  1. Clean after you cook. Cleaning utensils could be a very tedious task if you wait for a huge pile to build up. Start cleaning your utensils and kitchen as you cook so that you can sit peacefully after dinner. You can wipe the platform while the veggies cook and clean your plate right after your meal. 
  1. Have a system. To arrange the things at your home, you should have a fixed place so that everybody knows where to keep their belongings. For example, if you decide to keep the shoes in a rack, then everyone will keep their shoes at the place. You can decide on similar spots for placing dishes, toys, toiletries, etc.
  1. Sort your clothes and arrange your closet. Keep your wardrobe systematic and updated with what you wear. Don’t just throw your clothes on the chair, no matter how tempting it is. Fold them and keep them back, or put them in the laundry bag. This small habit will save a lot of your time.
  1. Clean the kitchen and bathroom. These two places need to be clean and sanitized. Hence, have a routine to wipe the kitchen floor daily or every other day. Develop a system to clean and disinfect the bathroom so that it becomes a habit.

Do not underestimate the magic of these small habits. Keeping the above practices in mind and building a routine will let you keep your house clean and tidy on the go. The best way to clean the mess as soon as you see it so that it doesn’t remain pending. With a little effort, time and practice, you can keep your home neat and tidy throughout the whole year.…